◉ integrated unit, easy to change.
◉ internal space savings, no evaporation in the part, more storage space.
◉ touch screen display, convenient operation and status is clear.
◉ condenser anti-dust mesh front, the front of dust-proof net, easy to clean.
◉ TPE sealer, low temperature deformation, do not leak air conditioning, removable, convenient and clean.
◉ extruded mouth box and the centre sill, the worst condition (32 ℃ / 85% RH), no condensation, avoid cold bridge, more energy efficient products.
◉ frost water from evaporation, do not need to evaporation bag and drain.
◉ duct design,Customers can stack at will to ensure uniform air conditioning.
◉ heat pump defrost, safe and reliable.
◉ Every detail of the product is exquisitely crafted.
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